Intuitive Tarot, Inspired personal and business consulting

Liberty’s readings reach deep into your psyche & allow for blocks to be released so that you can move forward in your personal development. Liberty has been reading for 30 years and her intuitive gifts offer her clients surprising insights. Discover the answers within yourself as you become empowered & recognize your ability to create abundance & fulfilment in your life. Owner of Lobelia's Lair, in it's 17th year, Liberty offers business and career consultations. Classes in the Intuitive Arts are offered throughout the year in-store and on the web.

"A great joy of reading, is seeing a client find clarity with a decision and gain self-awareness in order to move forward with confidence.  The tarot cards have set interpretations based on the symbols; however,we must equally tune into our intuition to gain further insights.

One of my philosophies with reading, is that a session is most meaningful for a client when they come to an awareness themselves. It is not always helpful to tell a client what they should or shouldn't do. A reading can be an excellent tool to identify blocks or fears so that one can get past them.

As much as tarot can be seen as "entertainment" , when approached in a professional manner, it can be a very valuable and transformative experience."                                                                                                                                                        - Liberty

Thursdays In-Store
Also via Phone, Email & Skype by appointment



Traditional Turkish Coffee Cup Reading
Enjoy a delicious robust coffee and an insightful reading!

Available: Sundays, Tuesdays


Billie Logan

Intuitive Tarot, Astrology Charts and Interpretations


Available: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays



West Coast Lotus Massage & Aromatherapy

Ashley Stobbart
Registered Aromatherapist [EOT]
Massage Practitioner

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Available: Mondays


Judith Fontaine

Intuitive Shaman

Offering Oracle Card Readings, Rebalancing Chakras and Soul Retrieval

Available: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays



Intuitive Tarot and Personal Empowerment

Soula offers intuitive tarot readings, nurturing personal growth and empowerment. Currently living in Los Angeles and visits Vancouver Island. With 40 years of experience, Soula can help you connect with your soulful purpose.

Available by phone and Skype, by appointment


Soleila Marie Erikson

Soleila is passionate about helping you access your personal power and awaken to your innate truths and gifts.
Intuitive readings invite the spiritual realm to offer insights and gentle guidance in your life. Soleila has been doing Tarot readings for over 20 years.

HYL is a more in-depth psychological and spiritual process that explores the patterns of self betrayal, reactive behaviours and unhealthy relationships. This
work can be facilitated in weekly meetings or through weekend intensives.

TRE uses the innate wisdom of the body to release stuck energies from exposure to daily stress and traumatic experiences.

The common ground in each of these approaches is they point to the wisdom that
resides in you