Lobelia’s Lair in the Old City Quarter of Nanaimo, officially opened it’s doors in the Heritage Mews on Wesley Street, in October 2001. A magical shoppe with metaphysical treasures, books, crystals and services was welcomed into the community.

Initially, the shoppe occupied suite 8 for the first year. Upon realizing it’s growth potential, Liberty Harakas (proprietress), decided to expand into the suites adjoining by breaking through the wall and creating it’s signature stone archway and steps into “the other side”.

The unit “9” had been unoccupied for many months and required some renovation.

As various services were offered, a space in the back of the shoppe was set up for readers, workshops and healing practitioners.

There was definitely a different feeling in what was to be called the “Witches’ Den”. Electronics failed, lights flickered, and an eerie presence was detected.

Due to the nature of the work, several intuitives and psychics, including Liberty, recognized that there was a spirit that was hanging on to the physical world.  A therapist occupying the space experienced many interruptions during sessions, which cause her to relocate to another building.

One of the psychics, saw a physical form in the shape of an elderly man, wearing clothes from earlier times, likely circa 1940’s.  He was surrounded by clocks, watches and antiques.

A little sleuthing ensued and it was discovered via the Nanaimo Archives, that a gentleman lived and worked in the building occupying the same location, a watch and clock repair business! Once his identity was confirmed, he was acknowledged and welcomed to share the space.

One evening, Liberty was closing up shoppe and decided to photograph the room for a promotional ad. When she looked at the photo, it was clear that that there was a large orb  of light in the room and with subsequent shots, (altering of lighting to confirm that it was not a camera issue), it grew bigger and bigger and closer to where Liberty was standing!

One customer shared that when she was a young girl, she often walked past the watchmaker’s shop and saw him busy working at his counter. Once news got out into the community, many people visited and those who had psychic gifts came for a “glimpse” of the “ghost”.

The watchmaker’s presence can still be felt at times, but it is believed that he knows he is welcome and can share the space in harmony.

Large orb of light in the room

Large orb of light in the room