Meet Urszula! 

Born in Poland, Ms. Kur has possessed
rare psychic abilities from a very early age and
has conducted readings, past life hypnotic
regression work, and hands-on healing sessions
with thousands of individuals over a 40-year

Her book leads us by the hand into the paranormal Private World of the Past Lives of several dozen of her clientele. She delves into and follows the thread the soul migrates to, and the fascinating interconnection that the souls of groups of people, especially families, reveal as they course through their past lifetimes on this earthly plain. 

Urszula unabashedly reveals her own development as a psychic and as a person, and recounts a number of interesting, often terrifying descriptions of her encounters with the mysteries of the Spirit World, including experiences with angels and demons. 

The author feels that mankind is on the cusp of a new acceptance and enlightenment of the mysteries of the soul and the true nature of our existence, and is hoping and confident that this book will in part help illuminate the way. 

Urszula will also be available to book appointments for readings..more info to come!