Angel Card Reading Workshop*
With Kaylee Woolhether, Certified Angel Card Reader

Curious about tarot and oracle cards? Whether you have your own set of cards or have never used a deck before, everyone is welcome to learn more about Angel Cards!

What are Angel Cards?
Angel Cards are based on the more commonly recognized tarot cards, which hold a divinatory purpose and have been used for over 600 years. Angel Cards are intended to bring the reading recipient messages, insight and knowledge to guide them along their life path! The cards are very gentle and supportive, they encourage you to follow your heart and dreams. Angel Cards are not a religion or belief system. Angel Card Readings are completely non-denominational and are open to people of any or no belief system! 

Angel Cards can help you:
-receive messages, insight, and guidance to assist you along your life path
-develop intuition
-gain clarity and find the truth of a situation
-make decisions
-find peace; relieve anxiety, worry, and fear
-connect with a higher power
-empower yourself and improve your life! Readings reflect the situation based upon your current thoughts, patterns, and behaviors. If you see something you don’t like in a reading, you have the power to change it by changing your thoughts and actions… That’s the whole point!

Learn all about Angel Cards, and how to perform readings for yourself and others. *Receive your own deck of Angel Cards to learn with and take home with you!*

Sunday, March 25
1:00 - 3:00 pm
Lobelia’s Lair, #8-321 Wesley St, Nanaimo, BC
Energy exchange: $65
Limited space available | Register with Kaylee to reserve your space today!
Contact Kaylee: (306) 596-1296 /

Your facilitator: Kaylee Woolhether is a holistic nutritionist, reiki practitioner, and certified angel card reader currently residing in Regina, Saskatchewan. Kaylee’s work with clients has a strong focus on developing self love, healthy body image, and a kinder relationship with food and their body. Through her work with angel cards, she helps clients gain insight to guide them along their life path, discover their truth, and relieve anxiety, worry, and fear. Her ultimate goal is to empower people to become the healer of their own lives. Learn more: