Date: March 9th, Saturday
Time: 11am - 4:30pm (with a lunch break)
Location: #8 – 321 Wesley St
Nanaimo BC, V9R 2T5

Cost: $95
Bring your own lunch

Early Registration before March 1st Cost: $85.00

Host: Billie-Jean from Raven Magik
Contact Lobelia's Lair Metaphysical Treasures to register
(250) 753-5440

Class Details:

Bring your favourite Tarot Cards!*
Cards are available to purchase at Lobelia’s Lair

No experience required.

Min #6
Max #10

This is a full day class working with your intuition and tarot, like our 3 week course but some more in-depth looks into the cards and more hands on activities

We will take a closer look at what makes up the Tarot deck and see the story in the pictures that share so much. There is no need to memorize all 78 cards when you understand the patterns, symbols, and messages in the most basic form.

You will find the confidence to no longer refer to the book for the messages and to trust your higher self instead.

Learn how to use the images to ignite your intuitive abilities, so that you can begin to connect to an ancient form of divining.

Tarot is a wonderful way to bring insight to any situation. I will teach you how to leave behind the fearful energy and show you how to see the highest, most positive message, for your highest good, in any reading.

We will also exercise our intuitive gifts in a safe, open environment working with each other. There will be lots of opportunities to explore and discover your unique way of providing intuitive guidance.

This is a wonderful opportunity to exercise your intuitive muscle and learn from each other.

*There will be extra Tarot decks to use in class if you don't have your own.