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Liberty’s readings reach deep into your psyche and allow for blocks to be released so that you can move forward in your personal development. Discover the answers within yourself as you become empowered and recognise your ability to create abundance and fulfilment in your life.

Accurate and with a gentle nudge toward self-awareness, Liberty offers over 25 years experience reading professionally and draws on techniques from her education in counselling psychology and personal development.

Liberty is available at Lobelia’s on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays in store. Although appointments are preferred, Liberty recognises the spontaneous nature of intuitive readings and makes every effort to accommodate drop- in requests.

Telephone and Skype readings are available as well. Liberty reads for people world-wide.

Liberty’s Services:
Intuitive Readings with Tarot
Instruction in the Intuitive Arts and Tarot
Personal and Business Mentoringreading
Readings for special events and home gatherings
House Clearings


Payment Options:
By Phone
Email Transfers
Credit Cards

Available: Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays



Our celebrated Clairvoyant Medium and Animal Communicator – Yvonne is available Fridays and Saturdays by appointment and offers Psychic Chat evenings once per month (drop in for Psychic Chat )

Available: Fridays & Saturdays





Ali offers Traditional Turkish Coffee Cup Readings on Sunday Afternoons!

Delicious robust coffee and a reading!

Available: Sundays & Tuesdays





Shamanic Practitioner from Ecuador brings ancient insights and healing through his shamanic healing practice.

Available by appointment only.



thirzavThirza Voysey

Tarot, Chakra Readings, “Horse as Healer Sessions”

Thirza Voysey lives a life based on love. When she does a reading for you, she is encouraging love to rise to the surface of your life where it can attract abundance, health, more love in your relationships, and more love and acceptance of yourself. This is her wish for you!

Tarot is a vehicle through which any blocks can be revealed and released in order for your best life to find you.

Thirza has many years experience as a yoga/meditation teacher and intuitive counsellor. Prior to this, she spent 11 years as a Social Worker.

Thirza’s Services:

Tarot readings
Chakra readings for Health
‘Horse as Healer’ Sessions for children, teens, and adults (not held at the store obviously!)


2016-12-01_11h24_30Ashley – West Coast Lotus Massage

Massage and Aromatherapy

Ashley Stobbart
Registered Aromatherapist [EOT]
Massage Practitioner


Available: Mondays